Our Story

In 1984, Pam's Wreaths began with founder and owner, Pam Douglas and her grandmother, Yovanna.

Part of a happy tradition was that every holiday season, Yovanna would hand create beautiful wreaths as Christmas gifts for each of her friends and family members.

Pam and Sterling Douglas
Pam and Sterling Douglas

One Christmas season, while Yovanna was busy making her annual gifts, Pam asked her grandmother, "why not make wreaths to sell during the season? It could make a little extra money during the winter and then anyone could enjoy them as much as we do every year." Although Yovanna insisted that no one would ever want to buy one of her wreaths, Pam convinced her grandmother to let her offer to sell some of the wreaths at work to her coworkers. When Pam returned with all the wreaths sold, Yovanna responded with amazement and pride.

It was then that Pam started to learn the art of wreath-making with her grandmother and began her business selling the wreaths during the holidays. Although Pam found that wreath-making was not as easy at it might have looked, using fir tips gathered from the forest by her grandfather, she always found enthusiasm and never-ending perseverance in her grandmother. Yovanna pushed her to keep trying and learning and soon Pam was able to create the stunning wreaths as well as her grandmother, mastering the skill.

Later, when Pam married and had a son, Sterling, she and her grandmother were determined to make more wreaths and create a successful winter business. The first year, they sold fifty wreaths and every year since the number of wreaths sold just kept growing and growing. Eventually, the story of Pam and her grandmother's hand-made wreaths spread to tourists from all over the country who visited Maine during the summer months and soon Pam and Yovanna were making wreaths and shipping them all over the states.

Today, Pam's Wreaths has become a year-round business, making Seashell and fresh flower wreaths in the Spring and Summer months supplying many island gift shops all over New England. Our tradition of Christmas wreath making begins November 1st of every year with the handcrafted process of Maine wreath making that Yovanna passed on to her granddaughter over three decades ago. Remaining family owned for all of these years, Pam, her husband Greg, and their son Sterling now run the growing business. Their beautiful wreaths decorate the towns of Brunswick, Harpswell, Freeport, and towns all over the country. Each wreath is still made with the freshest Maine Balsam Fir and carefully crafted with Pam's grandmother, Yovanna, in mind, bringing a true family tradition of Christmas to people everywhere.